Wall DecorationThe Psychological Effects of Wall Decor Ideas for Home Office

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The Psychological Effects of Wall Decor Ideas for Home Office

Through color and shape, the wall seems to live and can convey a message to anyone who sees it. With the right design layout, the wall can give the desired impression in your home or small office space. For example, a familiar, romantic, cheerful atmosphere, and so on.

When you see a wall with thick brown wool threads, the feeling will be comfortable. Conversely, if you stare at a sharp textured metal wall then you feel like a cold air that runs through your skin. Even if you don’t touch the wall area!.

The Wall Design Elements

How can a wall design affect feelings for anyone who sees it? This is a psychological effect. When someone sees a wall they will relate it to their experience or memory. Then from here the same feeling will appear or can be called perception.

wall decor ideas for home office

This person’s perception can be formed from a variety of elements, including colors, shapes, pattern, and textures. Thus, to set the best and profesional wall decor ideas for home office, you have to harmonize all these elements with others such as tiles or modern pieces of furniture styles to describe the desired message.

Not All Wall Design Elements Provide the Same Impression

In theory, color or specific form can give a certain impression. Even so, in reality, the same color can give a different impression when two people see it. How could this happen? Actually, there are several factors that influence it, namely:

  • The visual ability of each person varies when looking at color. When you apply the psychological theory of color you cannot apply the exact same results. With millions of color variations that exist today, it will make everyone’s perception different.
  • A person’s culture and background will be very influential when creating a perception of color or shape. For example is red. In Chinese culture this color describes prosperity. But, in other regions probably this color is associated with death.
  • Each individual has different experiences in their lives. Meanwhile, a perception will be closely related to life experience. Thus, when people see the same shape and color of the wall, they will feel different feelings. This is because they have different experiences in the past.


Do you know when you look at an object, the color will have the most psychological influence? About 60% of your reaction will be affected by the color. Similarly, when decorating the wall as a dominant part of a room, either you use a lot of budgets or low cost, the color will always play a key role.

The earliest impression given by a particular color is temperature. There are several colors that can give the impression of warm or cool. There are also those who give a neutral impression or are in the middle.

Red, yellow and orange will give a warm impression. Meanwhile, blue and green will give a cool impression. Black, white and brown can be categorized as neutral colors. But if we talk about the impression that is displayed on the wall then white has a cold impression while the brown gives a warm impression.


Basically, the texture on the wall can be divided into 5 types, namely smooth, rough, slippery, soft, and sharp. The texture will make the wall more “alive” because each texture will have a different effect.

The slippery texture is identical to everything that is modern, clean, and keeps a distance. Soft texture provides a romantic, loving, and comfortable feeling. The rough texture will make people want to touch it so that it will create a familiar impression.

Psychologically, the impression given by this texture depends on the material used. A person’s perception is present through his experience with the material.

For example, the rough texture of the woven rattan can give a warm impression. However, if the texture is made of metal, the impression will be different. Hard and cold metal will be related to industry so that the psychological feeling of warmth will disappear.


Repetitive patterns on the wall can give a deep impression to those who see it. This pattern can be produced from artwork, wallpaper, or decorative paint on the wall. This motive can have a psychological impact, especially if the motives are large and brave.

You should choose a small pattern so that the walls look plain. Even though you can go with a pattern on the four sides of the wall. A large pattern can be applied to one wall as an accent so the room doesn’t look messy.

Certain patterns such as lines can have a strong psychological impact. Walls with vertical lines will appear higher. Meanwhile, the horizontal pattern will make the small space seem wider.


Other psychological impacts associated with the pattern will also depend on the shapes. The circle pattern can create a cheerful impression because it can remind the ball and the game.

home office wall circle pattern

The foliage shape pattern will give a fresh impression because it can remind the trees and gardens.

The subconscious will record every form that you see every day. After that, it will form a perception. So, when you decorate a wall with various forms, the impression you want to achieve can be realized.

The following are some of the shapes and psychological impressions that can be created.

  • Circle: Softness, friendship, attention, and affection.
  • Square: Stability, strength, balance, reliable.
  • Vertical: Courageous, dominant, masculine, aggression, strength
  • Horizontal: Tranquility, feminine, peace, quiet, stiffness
  • Arch: Feminine, happiness, rhythm, movement
  • Sharp angle: Dynamic, young, explosive, energetic, rude

That is the discussion about the psychological effects on the wall decoration of home offices. Please share if this article is useful for you and others.

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