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teak shower seat fold up

Teak Shower Seat Fold Up Buying Guide

So you have a plan to put a teak shower seat fold up in your bathroom. Maybe you have just finished renovating and want to give an elegant natural touch of wood-framed furniture. Currently, you may ask, “Which product should I take? Many variations out there at different prices. This confuses me!”. Well, we’ll help you with some guidelines. So, you can get the best of what you need.


teak shower seat fold up

Simple Guide To Choosing Foldable Teak Shower Stool

Here are some things you should look for when buying a teak wood shower seat. When you finish installing and folding, you can combine it with the wall surface. Of course, this can make your small bathroom feel wider but still have additional facilities.

1. Find out the maximum limit of this chair when holding the weight of the user

Knowing how much load can be supported by a teak shower seat is important. Make sure the specifications are clearly written on the product brochure. The average seat can hold the load up to 350 or 400 pounds. Don’t let you shop for products whose specifications are not clearly listed. This can put you at risk of injury in the bathroom.

2. Consider always using the best teak quality and design

Pick furniture with the best teak quality. If you choose to shop online on Amazon or eBay, you can see testimonials from people who have bought it. Good quality will make you satisfied. Even if you have to pay more expensive. The foldable teak set for the bathroom with grade a and combined with an elegant frame made from bronze or sturdy aluminum metal can be the right choice.

Meanwhile, you can consider choosing the best teak shower product that features a wall-mounted design.

3. Choose the appropriate seating dimension with easy installation

Some bathroom teak seats come in several sizes.  One of them has a size of 20″ wide x 15″ deep. The product you choose should be appropriate to the size of the bathroom to look harmonious and not clash with other objects.

The dimensions should also make you comfortable. It aims so that you can more easily move when sitting and showering with fun. The other main point is you must choose a stool that suits your body size.  Make sure also that the installation process on the wall can be done quickly and easily.

4. Does it meet the ADA requirements?

Specifications that meet these requirements ensure that the product can be used appropriately according to its function by everyone. Including people with disabilities.  So anyone can use this teak seat foldable comfortably. Thus it will make everything look better.


That’s a short guide for those of you who plan to equip the bathroom with beautiful and durable foldable teak seat furniture. Maybe you have any experience when using it or you have recommended seller. Don’t hesitate to write it in the comments field.

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