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teak patio umbrellas

Teak Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

Sitting relaxed in the garden with friends is fun. It is a great option to spend your free time. But, when the weather is getting hotter do you have to give up and go back into the house ?. Of course not. You can use teak patio umbrellas to shade with style.

It is hard to imagine if you have to sit on your patio chair while bathed in sweat. That would be very uncomfortable. Although the wind blows, your body will still feel hot. Teak umbrellas can be the right solution to give you comfort.

How To Choose Teak Patio Umbrellas

So you decide you want to buy teak patio umbrellas ?. If so, there are some important points you should consider regarding the capacity to shelter and also the features it has.

teak patio umbrellas

The Size

First, choose a teak umbrella with a moderate size. Don’t choose a too small size. The reason is you will never know what your friends or family will do while playing in the park. They could have played musical chairs and kept trying to get a shady seat.

But what happens if you choose a size that is too big ?. Well, this is not funny, especially if your garden table is small. This is very unsuitable. Especially if your small garden has trees, the umbrella would be snagged when opened because of its supersize. Next, be prepared to see the sights of the flying umbrella as the wind blows furiously out there.

It is better if the area covered by this umbrella is larger than the garden table you are using. For a table that has two holes, you can use two umbrellas. All this aims to make you or your guests more comfortable when shelter.

Besides being able to survive from sunlight, teak wood umbrellas are also resistant to rain. When the weather suddenly turns into heavy rain, you can still be comfortably protected. Do not let your annual barbecue party disrupted by the rain and your friends disappointed. The party can still continue with this umbrella.


Next, let us discuss the features that exist on premium teak patio umbrellas.

You know that the sun is always moving all day ?. There is a feature on the teak umbrella that can be set to tilt the umbrella to an angle. So you can avoid direct sunlight from wherever the rays come.

Another feature is the pulley system. This feature can make you adjust high or low umbrella easily. Although the size of a large umbrella and weight will not make you tired.

How to distinguish between a quality umbrella and not quite easy actually. Just look at how tidiness of the design and the materials used for its manufacture. Good qualities have neat design details. Such as how to insert a pin into the pole and also stitches in the top of the umbrella itself. The screw used is also very strong especially if it is a two piece pole.

Conversely, cheap umbrellas are made of low-quality materials. It has a bad design and is not tidy. You know if you buy it it will not last long.

Currently, the umbrella comes with various color motifs. So everyone can choose according to their taste. Another trick when going to buy an umbrella with color is making sure you also get an offer for warranty if the color fades or is damaged.

Shop around and comparing the various products on offer is the best step. Although all umbrella-shaped products, but not all created equal. Make sure you choose the best quality teak patio umbrella for long-term investment. So, you do not worry to give cover and leave it outdoors when the offseason.

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