Teak Patio SetsTeak Patio Furniture: Styles and Protection

teak patio furniture

Teak Patio Furniture: Styles and Protection

Which areas in your home that serves as a favorite place to relax with your family?

Whether in addition to the living room, patio has become your choice ?.

For almost everyone, home is a comfortable resting place.

If you think of patio as a place to spend your free time, maybe you are currently thinking about the furniture that will complete it with a special design.

Have you spent all day and spent a lot of money on getting the perfect backyard?.

You may have decorated it with flowers, trees, and so on. But, when you want to relax and enjoy it all, how do you do it?. What furniture is appropriate for your patio garden?.

There are many types of furniture from various materials that you can choose out there.

But if you want something more special, look luxurious, and also durable you can choose to buy teak patio furniture.

The best teak quality is a long-term investment.

This is also true for your teak patio furniture. Choose always the premium quality of teak or grade a.

Other factors such as materials, colors, or styles can follow later.

Do not let you buy furniture at a low price and then disappointed with just one year after using it.

You better spend more money on a purchase than to have to spend money every year for the cost of repairs patio furniture.

teak patio furniture

This is not without reason if you have to use chairs or tables of teak wood. You need privacy, a soothing pleasure after a day of activity with a busy schedule.

Gathering with your friends or family members is what you have to do and teak furniture will make it even more memorable.

Teak is the right choice for outdoor furniture. Includes your patio garden.

This wood has its own charm and elegance.
Gives warmth with its exquisite golden brown color.

Another plus is this wood is very durable because it has a natural oil content.

This oil will keep it from weathering and attacking termites or woodworms.

Because of its immense durability, it is not impossible this furniture can be passed down from generation to generation and become the antique furniture.

Believe me, after having teak patio furniture sets you will have a new favorite in your life.

How about the teak coffee table? You are not wrong to choose if you want to present the atmosphere of a better living room with additional chairs and benches.

Actually so many variations and combinations that you can create through new designs. Your patio garden style can be unique, modern, luxurious, or classic with the right teak furniture touch.

Another important factor in the selection of room design is the color.

Teak wood furniture has a variety of attractive colors from the start of a shining brown color or a sweet color like honey.

Another idea is to choose a gray teak color like silver.

This is known as the natural patina layer.

Many people also love this color, in addition to providing another beauty, this teak wood style will also become easier in the treatment.

Teak Patio Furniture: A Protection Guide

When you already have teak patio furniture, there are other things you should do.

Yes, you have to give good protection and care to the wood.

Just like any other wood, teak also has several types. They grow in tropical climates in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia.

Perhaps you have heard about legendary teak carvings coming from a place in Java called Jepara.

Premium teak furniture is the right step for those of you who want to invest with patio teak furniture.

Because this super wood has the best durability and has a relatively stable price when you need to sell it again.

It could be after decades you collect it, this chair or teak table turned into antiques with high prices.

Improper furniture will only make your patio less elegant and less stylish to look at.

Teak patio furniture will answer those doubts appropriately.

The pieces of furniture that shine timelessly will make it always popular and always a favorite for many people.

But, is not teak wood resistant to weather and harmful insects ?.

Yes, it is true. Because teak contains natural oil contained in it. This makes it a special wood.

Although some of this oil is lost when teak trees are cut, this wood can still keep it because the oil content is very solid.

But, the oil content will decrease with time. So, your job is to restore the oil content.

You can do the protection and care of teak furniture easily.

Simply by applying the teak oil on the furniture to restore the perfect luster of natural teak color.

Cleaning patina furniture can be done more easily. You just clean it with a mixture of cleansers and detergents with a 2: 1 ratio, use water to dissolve it.

Do not use hard or sharp appliances as they can cause a bad scratch on the wood.

You can use a fluffy brush to rub the dirt and then rinse with water until completely clean.

Lots of furniture stores or online retailers that sell teak cleaners of good quality.

If at any time you want to release patina, there are some things you need to do.

You should use a special cleaner that removes the gray layer. But, you should use a basic cleaner for teak patio furniture first. The cleanser is caustic soda and then continued by using phosphoric acid.

In a case, if your furniture is too rotted then you have to do extra work that is by rubbing it with sandpaper or scrubber.

When children are joking while eating and spilling stains, this could leave a mark on the teak wood. The solution is you can use a teak coat that can be purchased easily and have reliable quality.

It is not a good thing if you let the water pooled too long on the surface of teak furniture. Although teak has oil as its defense.

Another advantage is that you do not have to apply water sealer coatings or oil varnishes. This wood will be able to shine with its own charm.

Choosing Teak Style Patio Furniture That Fits Your Taste

You may like a certain style when choosing patio furniture and this is an important decision. But, you should prioritize on what type of furniture you will use later.

Many choices of quality furniture made from other wood. For example, made of mahogany or oak. Why do you keep choosing teak? Though others have a cheaper price to complete your collection.

When it comes to quality then it is a non-negotiable thing. Teak is able to give you the satisfaction, style, durability, and beauty of a piece of patio furniture.

That’s why teak can be the best. Especially when only produced in limited quantities.

The Style Of Teak Patio Chairs and Tables

Teak patio chair can be the perfect complement to your deck or garden patio.

With a variety of models and sizes, the pieces can give you plenty of options. Therefore each terrace will have suitable furnishings.

These pieces can be the right design when combined with other teak patio products, such as large teak tables.

One type of teak chair that is a favorite for many people is Adirondack. This chair is suitable to be placed on the edge of the swimming pool for sunbathing while reading a book. You can do a custom order by adding a footrest to make it feel more comfortable.

The teak coffee table looks harmonious when combined with chairs or benches. You can choose the folding side or end table models with different types of colors and sizes that fit your needs.

You can put cold drinks and snacks on the table while pampering yourself.

Teak dining chairs will feel more formal when compared with Adirondack or Tiburon.

Therefore this chair is perfect for formal dining invitations. For a warm dinner with your family, you can choose Ibiza’s teak chair.

While the armchair can be suitable for use in simple weddings or graduation events. You can buy them individually or directly with a matching teak patio table.

Outside dining will feel special by using teak patio table. There are many choices of shapes and capacities that can be accommodated. The shapes include square, rectangular, circular, and octagonal.

For formal events, marble or glass can add luxuries that will be seen outdoors. The selection of chairs for teak patio furniture large tables should be an important concern in order to look harmonious.

Meanwhile, a small teak patio table is suitable when placed in a small patio garden. But note also when choosing the height of the table. To add beauty, you can put a vase of flowers with attractive colors on the table. This will definitely make your home more comfortable.

If you have only a narrow space, it is not a problem. You can choose the model of folding teak patio chair and also folding dining table which can be extended. Like other models, this folding teak furniture has various sizes and styles.

For example, there is a model that can be extended by folding up or down or teak seats that can be folded perfectly. The advantage is when the event is over then you just need to fold it and save it easily without needing a large space.

The natural look is the best. Although many people also like furniture made of other materials. But nothing can rival the look of teak patio furniture. You will feel like living in the open, feel calm and relaxed but still elegant.

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