Teak Protection, Maintenance, and TipsTeak Oil For Outdoor Furniture

teak oil for outdoor furniture

Teak Oil For Outdoor Furniture

Having a beautiful collection of outdoor teak furniture sets is indeed a pride. Its existence improves your home even better. But over time, the furniture also requires maintenance. So, what steps should you take?. Teak oil for outdoor furniture is an important commercial product that you should know if you have the plan to perform good maintenance for your assets. So, why you need it?.

To answer such question, first of all, you should know where original oil comes from. This oil contained naturally in the teak trees that serve to restore the nature of the wood. As a purely natural material, the oil able to protect the furniture. Regardless it’s indoor or outdoor. But, from time to time this oil content will decrease. As a result, teak wood is vulnerable to damage due to weathering or insects. So, the regular care will be your key to keep your furniture beautiful and durable.

where to buy teak oil for outdoor furniture


Benefits Of Commercial Teak Oil For Outdoor Furniture

The following are some of the benefits of teak oil.

To Protect Teak From Water

Commercial teak oil products will help to protect your furniture from the water. Although naturally, this type of wood is resistant to water, its ability can be lost as well. This is because the oil content will decrease due to the time factor. The color of the teak oil is the same as the color of wood with various characteristics.

To Restore the Natural Color

The content of substances in teak oil can help to restore the beautiful natural colors. Extreme weather can cause teak to lose its original gold color and turn gray.

teak oil on outdoor furniture

Although some people love the color of weathered teak, many people, probably including you, who want the natural colors to shine again. As the best solution, in this case, the use of teak oil is the right choice.

To Protect from Extreme Weather Conditions

Water and insect resistant properties allow the teak wood to last for many years. This information is no doubt, especially for grade a wood. Even this teak furniture can be inherited from generation to generation and become antiques.

However, you should keep doing regular maintenance to protect this wood from degradation due to weather conditions. Therefore, to maintain its beauty for years, you need to use teak oil.

Recommended Teak Oil Product

One recommended product is Star Brite. As premium golden teak oil, this product has the ability to provide durability of UV rays and can also re-display the gold color from your outdoor teak furniture. The more often you apply it to the teak then the result will be better.

teak oil for outdoor furniture


You can use two steps of products, the first is the cleaner and the second is the brightener. Use those if teak looks dirty and weathered. Its use is easy enough.  Just apply it with a clean foam or cloth. Next, wait for five minutes then wipe the remaining oil with a clean cloth.


Natural teak wood is resistant to water and insects. However, over time, the ability could have decreased. This is because of the decrease of teak oil content in wood. Thus, you can use commercial products to restore the nature of the wood and apply it in the maintenance on a regular basis.

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