Boat or Yacht FlooringHow to Fix Teak and Holly Flooring for Boats

teak and holly flooring for boat

How to Fix Teak and Holly Flooring for Boats

Teak and holly flooring for boats can enhance the interior and make it look stunning. As you know, the floor becomes a busy place for people to pass by. Most boats or yachts also have teak floors which have become standard in its manufacture. Although there are also those who apply vinyl or laminate flooring.

Regardless of what type of boat you have, the problem will usually come when the wooden floor function is no longer good or needs improvement. You might know the time has come to do something. So follow the instructions below.

Some people prefer to resell the powerboat or sailboat they have rather than having to fix their own marine wood and holly soles. Everyone must have fear at first to make improvements themselves. Perhaps you ask yourself what if the result gets worse when after it is fixed.

Yes, you definitely want a better result. Repairing this floor cannot be done partially like on the hatchway because it will stick out. You have to do on the whole floor.

You must have a strong determination by considering the results you will get later. The good news is that the way to repair teak floors is quite easy with cheap material costs. So why don’t you decided to take the plunge?.

The main equipment and materials you will need are 220 grit sandpaper and varnish. Now you need to decide the style of the end result you want. Is it a gloss or satin. Therefore, read the techniques, applications, and precautions carefully. Some other supporting equipment you will need is cloth, masking tape, brush, and thinner.

teak and holly flooring for boats

But before you have to know in advance about the difference in wear points on teak and holly soles. If you can not find bare spots then it is a good sign. But if you find some or many bare points then you have to examine more closely and this requires several additional steps.

Not only that, you should also check the hatch parts or parts that can be removed to ensure that there is wood that is split or damaged. Try to step on it and observe whether at the top of the footing there is a lot of flex. You can fix it right away or you can do it later after doing the job to the teak and holly soles.

How to Refinish on a Boat or Yacht Floor

Working method at this stage is basically just sanding. For convenience, you can use the sanding block or light power sander. You can start from the hatch first and then get to a more comfortable area to continue the work.

Make sure there is no dirt attached to the surface. The 220 grit sandpaper in your hand can do it well. You can sand and feather slightly to get the gray out and finish around it if you find bare spots.

teak and holly floor

Then clean the surface area from the dust of the remaining sanding using a wet cloth. You can do it before varnishing or after sanding. Dilute varnish 20 percent and give a coat over the bare points. Leave it for 24 hours before adding the next coat. Wait until it is perfectly dry.

Re-do sanding then proceeds with coating using concentrated varnish without dilution. The varnish is like being warm on the surface where you polish it. It lays better and flows that will make the sanding process between the coats easier.

If you find deep gouges then you can add a little extra varnish to the area. You can give one or two extra coats to bring back surface to the top. Don’t forget to tidy up the edges. After this, you will see a shiny coat on a teak and holly soles in your boat.

How many coats are needed?

There are no definite provisions regarding this coats amount. But, using four or five is the least amount. For a busy floor area, you should use six or eight coats. You will surely be pleased when you first see the results on the hatch. Thus you will be more confident to proceed to other areas such as cabins and you can continue to the outer area.

When you find a piece of wood that is cracked or split between hatch or other sections then using fiberglass under it can be the right solution. Its use can stop cracking or eliminate flex.


Varnish will make everything visible on your ship look great. Try to clean out all the dust that flies and sticks to the floor because of sanding. After that, you can see the beautiful and sparkling boat floor.

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