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Shabby Chic Decor Ideas in 10 Easy Steps

Lately, the popularity of shabby chic interiors is increasing among the public. This stylish interior tends to look elegant and feminine. That’s why most of the fans are women. But you should not be fooled just because the name contains the word “shabby” because at a glance this is like a negative connotation. But on the contrary, this design can display its own beauty.

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Shabby chic is an interior style that began to develop in the UK. This unique style is synonymous with antique Pop-Victorian furniture. In addition, this style can also represent feminine interior accessories.

Then, how do you get the look of shabby chic decorations in your home with a few easy steps?

Shabby Chic Interior Design

Here are 10 easy steps to applying the shabby chic style in your room.

1. Give an antique touch

If you immediately throw out worn furniture then it could be a mistake. Even though you can use that furniture to apply this style. But the good news is that you can make your own impression. The trick is to do sanding on your furniture in such a way as to bring the impression of shabby.

2. Use fabric material

You can use cotton or linen to decorate the room in a shabby chic style. Indeed, the two fabrics are the most widely used, especially linen.

This fabric material can be tablecloths, curtains, pillowcases, and others. If you choose to use patterned fabrics, try fabrics with small floral motifs.

3. Play with white texture over white

You can only use a single white color to get the impression of shabby chic. However, it does not mean everything has to be plain. Here you can be more creative by playing textures. The easiest way is to use a combination of white and white textures.

4. Use soft colors

Choose furniture with soft colors and impress feminine. For the shabby chic style, the colors that are widely used are white, light blue, pink, and beige. However, don’t be afraid to explore other colors. There are always choices that can meet every design you want. Who knows you can bring a new trend!.

5. Chandelier

Chandeliers play a role in providing more elegance atmosphere to your room. But don’t worry, you can always use your old model. The key is to choose the appropriate form of the chandelier.

6. What about the home garden?

You can also apply the shabby chic style in the garden. Roses are the most commonly used for this purpose. But this doesn’t mean that other plants can’t be used. Choose plants with soft color flowers. To complete it, you can add a few pieces of vintage outdoor furniture.

7. Dining table

If you want to apply the shabby chic style in your dining room then don’t forget to use vintage tableware. Plates with a touch in the form of patterns of tiny flowers and set of cutlery in a Victorian style is sufficient to provide the right atmosphere.

8. Don’t forget about your used furniture

If you realize it, there is always beauty in used furniture. You can use old wooden chairs, worn doors or windows, and old wooden frames as beautiful accessories. How to get it easily. Go to a thrift shop and explore!.

9. Always think creatively

Is there an old chair in your house that is worn and damaged? You can reuse this chair. But the function of this chair will not be the same as before. Because you can’t sit on it. With a creative idea, you can make it as a small table next to the sofa. That is only a small part of what you can do with your old furniture.

10. Add more decorative elements

You can always add ideas to decorative elements easily. An example is a birdcage made of iron or wood. Simply give the white color and the birdcage is ready to be displayed. You will be amazed by the results after the object blends harmoniously in the design of your room.

That’s 10 easy steps that you can try to apply shabby chic decor ideas in your home. Hopefully, this article can help you. If you have experience with this design style, don’t hesitate to comment.

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