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spacious scandinavian narrow dining table set

Narrow Dining Table for Small Spaces

Arranging the room with limited size is not easy if you want beauty as well as comfort. You need to consider choosing the right furniture ideas to get freedom of movement in the small room. This also applies when you are going to buy a set of narrow width dining table that will be placed there.

The large selection of rectangular or oval minimalist type table design models out there gives you an advantage in this situation. Picking the right dining table according to the size of the room will really help you when you set the concept of the house or apartment. Then you also have to pay attention to the availability of the size of the area and the usage function that you expect from the dining table.

As an inspiration, you can observe the style of the dining table at home in Japan. One example is to use a multifunctional dining table with a space saving design. This dining table usually has a bench under the table that serves as a convertible and versatile storage area.

3 Types of Dining Table Designs for Limited Places

The following are 3 models that you can consider.

a. Spacious Scandinavian Style

spacious scandinavian narrow dining table set
This rectangle narrow dining table set in Scandinavian style will surely steal the attention of anyone who sees it. This table with chairs is dominated by pastel and white colors that give a warm impression and fit perfectly for your small space. Maybe you can look for a wood dining table model with additional shelves on the side to put various eating utensils or additional sauces.

woodvspacious scandinavian narrow dining table for 4

b. Monochromatic Minimalism Style

monochromatic minimalist dining tables mall area

You can choose a very narrow or small dining table with a modern monochromatic style to space saving. It is better to consider interior design when you choose this style. The easiest way to combine chromatic colors to be harmonious is to add decorations such as fabrics, ceramics, natural stones, porcelain, and so on. You must be more creative by combining textures for visual purposes.

white monochromatic minimalist inspiration style


c. Industrial Style

dining table narrow industrial style brown

You can apply the industry’s practical and concise style. Table legs made of wrought iron or stainless steel make this furniture sturdy. The finishing part uses powder coating and PVC so you won’t need extra care to clean it.

industrial style dining table

If you have a concept to save space further, then you can try to complete your small interior with various shelves or ottoman benches that can store various equipment.

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