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Mitchell Gold Kennedy Sofa Review

Finding a place to relax in a comfortable living room that can blend harmoniously with modern or traditional designs is sometimes difficult. But it seems that Kennedy’s sofa from Mitchell Gold can give you what you expect. So, here we will give you a brief review of this product.

Design and Material

This shelter style sofa has tapered wooden legs. On the arm, there is a cushion with high density that protrudes outward. This will provide more comfort for your back or shoulders when leaning. There is two sizes sofa that you can choose according to your space which is 85 “or 90”. Besides that, there are also other collections such as ottoman and 68 “soft chairs.

If you want a living room that is safe from hazardous materials, this sofa is the right choice. Frames and cushions are made from the eco-friendly material with high resilience.

To provide a good suspension, it is equipped with sinuous wire spring. By applying the tufted grid seat and back with pair of high sofa arm surely will give you extra comfort with a beautiful design. You can also do special orders by selecting more than 300 available fabrics and delivery times in 8 weeks or less.

Credit: Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

If your family room wall is white, choosing a blue sofa can be the proper choice. The reason behind this is white is a basic color that is neutral and suitable when combined with any color. The white color can also make a small space look wider and cleaner. While the blue sofa will give the impression of peace and warmth in the room.

An important advice for you before deciding to buy a sofa is to make sure the room size is right. When you see the sofas in the spacious and high-roofed furniture outlet, everything looks small.

But, maybe you will be surprised when you put it in the area of your house. You will feel the sofa is too big and makes the room narrow. Therefore, you can use your old sofa size as a reference.

Or, you can also estimate the size of the right sofa based on the size of the room and furniture around the room.

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