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6 Tips On How To Preserve Teak Garden Furniture

Do you know how to preserve teak garden furniture? When you search for this article, surely you are a fan of teak furniture. Or you may already have some at home.

When you have teak furniture, you have a high-value asset. This is because the wooden furniture is like an antique. The longer you take care of it, the more expensive the selling price will be. The strength of furniture from teak wood is no doubt. You can pass it on from generation to generation with good condition.

How to preserve teak garden furniture is easy because it is almost the same as the treatment of furniture from other types of wood. But, when you do the wrong way when cleaning it, it could be your favorite furniture scratched or damaged. Hopefully, you do not experience anything like that.

In historical fact, in ancient times, people used natural materials to polish teak wood furniture. The material is coconut husk. However, its use is also at risk because it can cause mold on the wood surface. In addition, other materials commonly used are beeswax. This will protect teak from water absorption. Thus, teak furniture will become strong, shiny, and durable.

how to preserve teak garden furniture

Nowadays, people use water-based coating technology that can protect the surface and add to the beauty of teak wood.


Easy Tips How To Preserve Teak Garden Furniture

Here are 6 tips for treating garden teak furniture easily on a regular basis.

  1. Place wood furniture in a clean, dry, and environmental area at normal temperatures. The effects of extreme air humidity can lead to the rapid process of wood oxidation. The high humidity of the air can cause fungal attacks and also risk the proliferation of termites and wooden insects that can do damage quickly.
  2. Use a tool such as a duster to clean wood surfaces from dust and other debris. To reach the sidelines of a difficult angle or engraving, you can use a small soft brush. You can also add furniture-specific cleaning fluid. Spray the liquid on the surface evenly then wipe with a cloth. Then let it dry.
  3. Avoid using furniture cleaning materials that contain acetone, methanol, or toluene. Behind the ease of cleaning, this cleaning agent can damage top layer coating. You can use water and a little detergent to clean up stubborn dirt.
  4. You can use teak oil to polish the furniture. This is done especially if you like the look of the natural color of the wood. But when the teak furniture is placed outside, then this coating can fade over time and due to weather effects. Therefore, you can do refinishing with a time interval every 2 to 3 years. This will make your furniture more beautiful.
  5. When you need to move teak furniture from one place to another, then do it very carefully. This will prevent from scratches or damage that you do not want.
  6. Make sure you always maintain the surface of the furniture well. For example, you can use a tablecloth to protect the table from dirt and scratches. Or you can also provide a foam pad on the seat for protection. The point is always given protection to your teak furniture to reduce the risk of damage.

teak patio furniture outdoor table

That’s how to preserve teak garden furniture. Hopefully, this article can help you to find what you are looking for.



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