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metallic tapestry empty wall decoration

How To Decorate Empty Wall With Fantastic Style

How to decorate empty wall can be done with various tricks. Some of them are by adding pictures, moving furniture locations, changing curtains, changing carpets or replacing them with new ones, or it could be by placing a new vase.

But do you know if the most effective and simple way is to change the color of the wall?.

From there, you can add a few creative ideas. Some examples such as using wallpaper, using a coat of paint with innovative techniques, or applying vinyl.

Even if you are sure you can choose 3D coatings, or wood and artificial stones for the final result.

What Should be Done to Make the Wall More Beautiful and Attractive?

Say if you are willing to really change the look of your space. But you want to do it in a unique way.

The goal is to make your room look completely renovated.

Then you can try a few tricks from the following 10 ideas.

1. Make a focal point

This is a good trick. In this way, everyone will be amazed by the renewal in every room.

It’s not difficult to do it.

You just have to create a focal point that attracts attention. Thus people who see it will forget the small flaws that exist in the design.

wall focal point living room

The best step is to do it right in the right room.

For example, one of the most important points is the television on the wall in the family room. So, try to make the television seem to be a focal point with a variety of harmonious decorations around it.

2. Wallpaper or metallic tapestry?

If you want a cheap, easy, and fast renovation, the wallpaper can be the answer.

metallic tapestry empty wall decoration

But if you want something different and unique then you can choose a metal design. Next, you can combine it with several contrasts such as on a lamp or opaque structure to make the details more elegant.

3. Viniles Gigantes

Walls with psychedelic designs decorated with favorite superhero posters or sea views can be an option.

This design can remind you of a teenager with a vibrant young soul.

viniles gigantes beach view wall

This will definitely be a surprise to anyone who sees it. You can bring this atmosphere back, thanks to a giant vinyl that can be tailored to your needs.

4. Give a touch of psychedelic style

Vinyl can give you many benefits.

psychedelic wall decoration ideas amazing

You can create your own design. Either by adding patterns to create a psychedelic style or by adding small numbers to make a large mandala.

It all depends on your style.

5. Show them a natural touch

You can apply this idea in two ways.

First, by creating a real vertical garden that includes flowers, vines, ferns, or favorite plants.

wall indoor vertical garden flowers vines

Secondly, you can use a pair of wooden plates with grass or hanging plants.

So which one do you choose?.

6. Trick to paint the wall

You can make a new design on the wall when painting to renovate the house. Of course, this design should be unique and can represent your expression.

How to do it?

For example, you only need a sponge and then coat the wall with paint in a circular motion. This method is relatively longer. But it was easy to do.

7. Decorative stones or wood

You can give a new look to your wall by giving natural decorative stone or wood.

Lamination with natural materials is a good choice. This decoration has the impression of blending with the environment and feels soothing.

decorative stones wall blank naturally


In addition, you can get it easily and can do renovations in a short time. Are you interested in applying it to your wall?.

8. Sophisticated with 3D Coat

If you are looking for something that is sophisticated and modern, 3D coatings are all you need.

The best thing is that there are various kinds of textures, shapes, and colors that you can take.

3D wall coat white color

Meanwhile, if you want to give them a more futuristic look, you can add direct lighting to create a stronger shadow.

9. Add visual effects

Do you dare to try new things? Even the craziest in mind? For example, create a visual effect that adds depth and detail to your space.

You can even have beautiful and romantic views as in the Greek region just by applying some artistic paintings.

10. Coating with adhesive

Decorating walls doesn’t necessarily involve a long, tedious, and expensive process.

One simple way is to place a stamp on the wall.

Although it sounds like a childish thing, adhesive coatings can create a modern design.

blank wall decor adhesives coating family room

You can choose from a complete design. Like gray surfaces and images or just a few valances or small details. Then you can complete it with a special touch of light.

Those are ten ways to provide beautiful, unique, and attractive decorations on your empty wall that will make it look fantastic. Do you have other design ideas with similar goals? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments column.

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