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house painting colour combinations

House Painting Colour Combinations Tips You Need To Learn Now

Choosing interior paint color schemes for the house is not an easy task. Every masterpiece created at the beginning is just a pigment on a pallet. When artists become famous, it is not solely through their paintings. This expression also relates to the wall of your house.

The color you choose and the combination with the next colors will represent a sticky atmosphere in the room.

There is a certain aura that arises from a color and this can affect one’s psychology in such a way. Like an explanation from an expert stating that the choice of interior color has an impact on the development of children’s character.

Therefore color selection can affect the atmosphere in the room designs. Choosing the wrong color can cause discomfort, turmoil, and bad emotions. On the other hand, choosing the right color will play a warm, cheerful, happy, and another positive atmosphere.

A self-image from someone can also be seen in the selection of home color designs. The atmosphere of his house can reflect whether the person is a glamorous, warm, cold, or simple person.

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Basically, the function of the room you want to highlight must be in harmony with the color characteristics you use. Actually, there are no specific rules regarding this matter. Your task is only to make the color and function of the room harmonious.

Tips for Picking a Color Combination of Wall Paints in Rooms with Different Functions

Here are some tips that you need to consider when going to apply a combination of colors in various rooms in your home.

house painting colour combinations

The Living Room

As a place to relax and gather all family members, this room must have a warm and inviting atmosphere. Colors with warm shades are suitable for application here. As a balancing color, you can choose a color with a cold impression as an accent.

Conversely, if your family room at this time gives a cold impression then you can fix it by adding a color that has a warm impression.

The Main Bedroom

Cold colors such as violet, green and blue can give a calm and peaceful impression. This makes the colors popular enough to be used as a wall color in the bedroom. Laying paintings hung on both sides of the bed and the painting above can give a wider impression.

The Dining Room

A dynamic atmosphere suitable to be applied in the dining room. Therefore you can use the primary color combined with the colors around it on the color wheel. If you currently have bright and crowded wall colors then you can use white or pale for furniture.

If you have other tastes, elegant and sturdy furniture materials such as teak wood can make the dining room more beautiful. To be in harmony, choose a color that can approach the color of the family room.

The Children’s Bedroom

The color of the bedroom walls for children must be able to provide a balance between calm and stimulus. You can use a combination of primary colors and pastel colors in various elements. For example pastel colors for walls and primary colors for furniture.

painting to house colour combinations child bedroom

What if the Existing Paint Colors Don’t Suit Your Taste?

Do you feel the available paint colors cannot meet your expectations? The solution to this problem is to use mixed paint with a tinting system. With this modern method, thousands of colors can be made to meet your needs.

Sometimes you want to match the color of the wall with the color of curtains or furniture, but the color of the paint available can’t do it. Therefore, this system will combine the main colors to produce the color desired by the consumer. The paint shop uses a tinting machine to make a variety of colors according to consumer demand.

The color of tinting paint comes from the color combinations of the main paints. The way it works is quite easy, you just choose the desired color from the available color wheel then the computer will calculate the main color formula needed to produce the color you selected.

Based on these colors, the shop clerk will provide the main color pigment stored in the tinting machine into a tin containing white paint. Then this can is inserted into the shaker machine. After that, the mixture paint is ready to take home.

You can buy this amount of mixed paint according to your needs. If you want to have a paint color that matches the curtain or sofa, you can just bring the sample cloth. Some paint manufacturers have provided tools that can scan the colors of the fabric samples. The next tip is don’t forget to record the code and the combination. So you do not need to be stuck with thousands of colors in the catalog when going to buy it again.

How To Know The Quality Of Wall Paint Easily

Original or mixed paint has no difference in quality. But you need to know how to distinguish high and low-quality paint. One characteristic that is easily known is that the paint has good quality containing many binding materials.

How to test it is quite easy. Put the paint on the tip of your index finger or thumb and then stick them together. If you feel a bit sticky, the paint has a lot of binding material and has good quality. Conversely, if it doesn’t feel sticky or you can release the fingers easily then the paint has a low quality.

Those are some tips related to how to choose a combination of painting colors for various rooms in your home. Hopefully, it can help you to get colors that are suitable for the interior.

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