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golden care teak protector

Golden Care Teak Protector Reviews

Golden care teak protector is better than teak oil, is it true?.  If so, there must be considerations that support that statement. So, here are the reviews of this product.

This wooden protector is not oil and also has no oil content. Sometimes teak oil can cause black spots. But this product actually prevents the appearance of ugly spots and maintain the golden color of teak for a long time. No harmful volatile substances arise when you use it. Because teak protector is made of the water-based material without solvent. Or you can call it EcoSafe.

golden care teak protector

You should use 3 products at once for perfect results. The products are cleaner, sealer and wax protector. Especially if the color of outdoor teak furniture began to fade from golden brown to gray. This teak protector will restore its beautiful color. You will be very satisfied with the results.

How many liters required for one-time teak protection?

If you have a table with a capacity of 3 people on one bench then you need about 2 liters. The reason is you need two of the shield. Especially if your outdoor teak table is big enough with size at least 4 x 8 feet and you have never done any treatment before. But this is not something that must be done.

You only need to use one liter and everything will work well. But, if your chair has a full flat back side then you should go with 2 liters. Forget about the price problem because this product is relatively cheap.

Our experience when using it is to spend three and a half liters of five liters volume. We use it on a large table for eight chairs, a cocktail table and a sofa table, and two small chairs. The result is fantastic.

What’s the difference with the golden care teak cleaner and shield?

When the teak still has golden blonde color then you can use the first cleaner. You can’t restore the color as before if it turns gray. It will be better if you apply the wax protector to maintain the beautiful golden color.

The teak shield provides protection from water and also remove dirt. Thus, liquids such as olive oil, wine, or butter will be difficult to get into the wood pores. The shield will keep the natural color of teak while preventing the stains. This product is designed for maximum penetration on surfaces with low and solid porosity levels.

The teak protector will help protect outdoor teak furniture from sunlight and UV. So, you don’t need to use it on indoor teak furniture like teak shower bench. But, if you want to give protection from water or humidity, simply use teak shield products.

One thing to note is that you should not use this product on newly purchased furniture. You should wait no less than two weeks before applying the protector. The reason is that furniture still has a fairly high oil content and a nice color. The oil will hold protector for pervasive and can change the color becomes golden yellow. If you still want to apply it, you should try first to the bottom side of the table as a small example. After that, you can consider whether you will like the color or not.


This eco-friendly teak protector is a product specifically intended to provide protection to the color and prevent the appearance of stains on your outdoor teak furniture.  Sold for about 32 dollars, quite cheap when compared with the benefits you can get after using it.

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