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Eco Friendly Paint Sherwin Williams

Today,  most people spend 90 percents of their time indoors. Whether they are at home or at the office. Therefore, the room must have good air quality. To achieve these goals, you should use materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. One important point is when you need to choose the interior paint that plays a direct role in determining the air circulation quality in the room.

Choosing safe and earth-friendly interior paint will make the air you breathe is better. Eco-friendly paints are made from non-toxic or non-carcinogenic basic materials so it doesn’t harm your or babies health.

eco friendly paint sherwin williams

Material Composition

Interior paint can be said to be safe and environmentally friendly when the diluent material is water, easily diluted, and can be dissolved in water. The use of water as a paint diluent doesn’t cause odors that can interfere with the human respiratory system. Besides that, paint dries faster.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content will not cause a strong odor. VOC is a carbon-based chemical compound that easily decomposes at room temperature and produces odors that cause shortness of breath. Paints are safe for health also contain no heavy metals such as lead or mercury.

Conventional paint can cause problems in rooms with poor or even closed ventilation systems. Its high VOC content will release a variety of organic substances into the air, making interior air quality worse. You can read more about the VOC threshold value on the architectural coating.

Paint Products from Sherwin Williams

Currently, there are many outstanding interior paints which pass the criteria for safe and environmentally friendly on the market. One of them is paint products from Sherwin Williams, a manufacturer who has successfully achieved Greenguard gold certification.

Some of the products that you can consider to be chosen are Harmony or Emerald acrylic. These are interior paint with zero VOC formula and has fulfilled very strict product standards which is mean the product has low chemical emissions. So it will reduce existing odors. Besides that, it is also able to resist the growth of mold and mildew.

How to Easily Identify Eco Paint

The following are the characteristics of eco-friendly paint.

  • The paint has a non-stinging smell.
  • Water-based diluents.
  • Has a low or zero VOC content and does not contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury or lead.
  • Hygienic because it has resistance to dirt and fungi.
  • Has a green label certificate like Greenguard and so on.

Choosing paint for the interior of your home or office is important. Not only in terms of color, but the paint should also be environmentally friendly and safe for families or people in the room.

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