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How to Design Tiny Apartment With a Size of 35m2

Live in a tiny apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make the room more efficiently with good design. With a size of 35m2, then you have the challenge to still be able to be creative with size limitations that can be a major obstacle. Imagine if you could put a big house in a small apartment, amazing isn’t it?.

Basically, the design idea in a small-sized apartment is how to harmonize the living and home office in the same place.

Tips for Your Tiny Apartment Layout Design

The following are some useful tips to maximize the function of the room in your small apartment.

Learn the floor plan of the apartment

The first thing you have to do is study the shape of the room because you have to maintain the layout quite a lot, including internal walls and also plumbing. Thus, you can get ideas about the appropriate layout description.

Use flexible and versatile furniture

Consider which places should appear or not appear when you need them. This is related to the use of flexible furniture. So folding furniture that attaches to the wall, folding chairs, or cabinets with versatile drawers can be the right choice.

design tiny apartment room with small cabinet

For example, you can use a lounge chair that can be turned into a work chair. To save space, you can also store a flat TV inside the wall and unfold the cover at night while relaxing. You can also use a comfortable folding dining table that integrates with the room divider and can be sliced out when needed. It can even accommodate four to six people.

What about the windows? If you have one window then you can use it to bring daylight to your kitchen from the bathroom area. While as a separator between the two spaces you can use the privacy filter that can be set using the remote automatically.

Bring the Sense of Outdoor Space

If your apartment doesn’t have an outdoor area then you can make that impression in the room. You can make a mini green wall in the bathroom. You can make it using real moss that has been preserved before. That’s the backdrop for them to put real plants on it. Bathroom wood floors and natural green color are the perfect combinations when you want to refresh your mind and body.

The Living Room

You can give the illusion that this room looks bigger compared to the actual size. For example, you can use a cabinet with a mirror door as well as for storing and inserting kinds of stuff like books or other trinkets.


Designing a small room requires careful adjustments and consideration. Thus, knowing your lifestyle is the main key to achieving what is important to you.

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