Deep seating, Others FurnituresHow To Choose Deep Seat Cushions for Patio Furniture

deep seat cushion for patio furniture

How To Choose Deep Seat Cushions for Patio Furniture

Choosing deep seat cushions for patio furniture isn’t as difficult as you might think. Even so, its existence is very important to maximize the function of deep seats. Some outlets can offer you different patterns, colors, and materials. So, which one should you take? Don’t feel confused about it all. In fact, all of them have similarities in certain things.

The first thing is all the cushions for outdoor furniture should be waterproof. In addition, the pillow should be able to withstand the effects of the weather. So, the colors don’t fade easily. Other requirements are resistant to stains or fungi.

Next, you should choose comfortable cushions. Remember if you want a softer seat.  Leave immediately if you get the cushions that feel harder because it will cause pain in your back and buttocks. There are many sizes of padding that you can choose. Some of them may have a thickness of up to 8 inches. Not only for chairs, if appropriate you can even use it for other furniture. You can also add it to gliders, loungers, ottoman, or deep seating sofas.

There are many soft cushions which use waterproof foam or polyester. The advantages are these materials is malleable and will not fall flat.

deep seat cushion for patio furniture

Types of Cushion Edge

Although it will not affect the appearance of your chair, as information, there are 2 basic types for the edge of the cushion namely boxed and waterfall.

You can recognize the boxed edge model if two stitches connect the top and bottom panels of the cushion, and between them, there is another piece of fabric. While the waterfall model is a single stitch that directly connects the two cushion panels together.

Patio Furniture Cushion Materials

Following are some of the materials used for making the cushions for deep seating.


Cushions made of pure polyester offer soft fabrics that are similar to acrylic linen. Even softness can be said to be the same as silk. Although it is used for outdoor, its open woven design can still provide a comfortable cool feeling. How to clean it is quite easy. You can use soap then rinse it with water from the hose.


The acrylic cushion is easy to clean and can retain its color for a long time. This cushion is made from solution dyed fiber which is then woven together. The end result has a texture that feels similar to canvas. Designed for special use outdoors but feels comfortable and breathable. Soft and easy to clean with warm water and soap.


The advantage of PVC cushion is that it has good resistance to hot weather, stains, and abrasion. The manufacturing process uses a polyester core which is covered with colored PVC and then woven into the fabric. This material feels stiffer when compared to more comfortable indoor furniture. Oily substance or suntan lotion can cause these materials to decompose faster. So you have to be extra careful with this type of cushion. To clean it you can use household cleaners, rubbing alcohol, and diluted bleach.

That is the discussion about deep seating patio furniture. Hopefully, you can find what you are looking for at the best price.


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