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Catalog for Ikea 2019 and 10 Favorite Products You’ll Love

Ikea continues to expand its affordability and creativity from time to time. In this 75th anniversary, they have presented a catalog for Ikea 2019. Indeed, the shops itself has not been in the U.S for so long, but the Swedish company continues to offer you new furniture ideas. They keep trying to reflect their best reputation with quality products.

Maybe you ask, what’s new? The Scandinavian style seems to dominate this new merchandise. If you are like those who don’t live like the people pictured in the catalog, be prepared to be captivated by the latest model furniture from Ikea. Everything about personalization, how you will manage your space.

This year everything looks colorful. You will be surprised because what they offer is completely different from the 90s. Where at that time the pale gray and white trend was very thick with Ikea products. This new catalog presents impressive palette colors. Many items with calm, rich, dark blues, and occasionally pops of neons take place in the catalog.

Ikea continues to develop innovation in its classic products to follow your current lifestyle. They also show walls in the interior of the room.

Well, here are ten favorite and superior products from the Ikea 2019 catalog that is ready to steal anyone’s attention.

1. Insjon kitchen faucet

Credit: Ikea

This gooseneck faucet can be the right solution for those of you who don’t have enough budget to do a major renovation in the kitchen. Its contrasting white porcelain handle makes it look elegant and luxurious. Believe it or not that using this gold faucet can lower the bill because it uses less energy. Having a design with a high spout makes it capable of cleaning large pots. This faucet can last for years because it has good quality.

2. Poang Chair Cushions

Credit: Ikea

This Poang chair cushion has a design with several colors and will feel comfortable when you sit on it. You can place it in the Poang frame and give creative ideas there. The advantage is that the chair cushion is removable so you can move and wash it easily.

3. Svalnas, the versatile wall mounted storage

Credit: Ikea

Do you find difficulties when organizing items in your room? Don’t worry, Ikea offers you Svalnas wall mounted storage to make it easier. You can store books or accessories neatly. In a short time, you will find a room that is more spacious and comfortable.

4. Eldtorel and Skaggort colorful cushion cover

Credit: Ikea

Eldtorel offers you beautiful colors such as gold, pink and gray. Meanwhile, the dotted gold pattern from Skaggort will immediately attract the attention of guests in your home.

Credit: Ikea

5. Burvik side table

Credit: Ikea

You can move this side table anywhere easily because it’s light. With a small size, you can simply lift it with one hand. The curved handle will make your grip more comfortable and balanced. The purpose of making this table is that your hands can always be close to items that you always need.

6. Gradvise vase

Credit: Ikea

This vase has a size of 8 1/4 inch. You can place it as a decoration without flowers. Or you can also put your favorite flower and place it in the living room. Made from natural stoneware and how to clean it is quite easy. You just wipe it with a wet cloth and let it dry itself.

7. Raskog Utility Cart

Credit: Ikea

This versatile cart is made of steel and coated with powder epoxy so it makes it sturdy. It has 4 wheels so it is easy to move anywhere. The small size makes it easy to place even in a tight space. It is suitable if you make it as a compliment in the kitchen, room, hall, or home office. You can use it to store a variety of different items according to your needs. Thanks to the middle section that can be adjusted and easily moved.

8. Foresla pink bowl

Credit: Ikea

This product consists of two bowls with a diameter of 5¾ “, height 2¾” and diameter 8 “, height 3”. When you do not use it, you can save space because you can place a smaller size in a larger bowl. Made of stoneware with colored glaze makes it suitable for being at your dining table or kitchen.

9. Bjorksnas 5-drawer chest

Credit: Ikea

This natural and classic design of drawers is a hallmark of the Scandinavian tradition of expertise. To improve security in your family’s living room, you can attach this Bjorksnas drawer to the wall through the hardware provided. Or you can place it in the whole room because of its proportional size. Made from solid birch wood which can guarantee long-lasting use.

10. Vedbo armchair

Credit: Ikea

Vedbo armchair has a design that makes it easy to place anywhere when you set the room. For example, you can put it in a corner or center of the room according to your needs. The cover has a very good ability to withstand abrasion. It has a frame made of steel, seat cushion from polyurethane foam and polyester wadding, and chair legs from solid birch.

Those are 10 products from Ikea 2019 catalog that can make you or your friends interested in having them. Don’t forget, now you can use TaskRabbit as Ikea’s assembly and mounting services partner.

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