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Carport Design Plans Guide

Not only as a car park, designing a carport well will affect the beauty of your home. The main structure usually consists of poles and roofs with open walls. The purpose of using this roof is to protect the car from hot weather or rain and provide comfort for homeowners. Currently, the carport can use various types of materials available on the market. Thus, the carport is part of the house with a variety of designs.

Carport unique design can be a distinctive characteristic for a home. Therefore, the harmony factor between the two becomes very important.

Consider These Five Things Before Building a Carport in Your Home

We don’t always have to talk about beauty because designing a carport that suits your needs also requires some practical knowledge. For example, knowing the proper size. This is very important because it deals directly with the type of vehicle you have. Placing a car with a capacity of seven passengers certainly requires a wider area when compared to city car models.



You will park the car in the carport. There is also should enough space for peoples to walk around. Even if the area is adequate, you can use it to store various car equipment and supplies. You can use a shelf to store jacks, sprayers, and other tools.

In addition to a more technical guide to carport design, in this article, we will also give you some inspirational carport design plan ideas that you can develop according to your imagination.

Carport usually fills the area in front of or next to the house. Of course, the direction is directly facing the road. Besides that, it also has direct access to the main door or side road leading to the services area.

The following are 5 things you must know to maximize carport functions.

1. Check Your Land or Parking Area

Pay attention to floor plans for your car parking area. Is it square or rectangular? Then you can determine how access to the main door. For limited areas, access can be separated by making the floor that has a different height.

Note also the space behind the wall of the parking area. We recommend that the wall is windowless so that the pollution from the car’s exhaust fumes doesn’t enter your home. You can leave mini-size open land on the side or in the corner of the carport as a circulatory flow for vehicle smoke pollution.

If you find it difficult, you can ask for advice from an architect or trusted contractor to learn the plan from the carport area. You can discuss related to the design of the roof, floors, drains, and car wash.

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2. Use a Strong and Durable Canopy

There are two main things you should know when choosing a canopy for carport.

a. Roof structure

There are various models out there for this roof structure. There is a frame shape from a hollow iron or concrete line. Cantilever model with one side hanging without a pole. There is also a series of cables tethered to poles or walls like sails.

Apart from the various types that exist, you must ensure that the structural material is able to withstand the pressure of rain, wind, and the weight of the material itself.

b. Roof cover material

This roof cover material must meet two important conditions, namely strong and light. Light materials will not overload the supporting structures. Nevertheless, the material will not be easily damaged or fly because it is blown by strong winds.

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If you want plants to grow in the canopy frame, make sure you first check the types of plants and construction. Make sure the structure of the canopy is able to withstand the weight of the plants and the frame itself.

3. Check the Construction of the Floor

Check the surface of the carport floor. You should understand the type of soil before building a floor construction. If previously the land was a swamp, it would have a different structural approach compared to the ordinary soil. If you feel in doubt, we recommend that you ask the contractor for advice to identify the type of soil.

It will be better if the land construction strengthened with iron frames. The aim is to strengthen cast concrete while holding excessive weight from the vehicle and the weight of the concrete cast itself. Use strong floor coverings such as special ceramics, cement coated with floor hardener, or natural stones coated with anti-moss liquid.

4. Do you need to install lights?

There are 2 sources of light, namely sunlight, and lamplight. To make the sunlight come in, the roof of the carport should be made of transparent material. You can also use the ordinary lamp as a light source. Install lights under the frame for general lighting. Other options are inbow or outbow decorative lights mounted on walls or poles. If necessary, you can use a lamp house. So, the direction of the light can be adjusted according to your needs.

Pay attention to the electrical wiring installation safety if you use the lamps. We recommend using a pipe as a cable channel before you place it on the wall. The goal is to protect the cable from rain, heat, or termite attacks.

5. Adjust the budget

Check your financial availability before building a carport. If you have limited funds, you can determine your own development priorities. For example, you can choose a hollow iron frame canopy with polycarbonate rather than a concrete frame with a glass roof.

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If you have more budget then you can build a carport according to your taste. However, whatever type of carport you will make, be sure to always fulfill its basic function, which is protecting the car from various weather conditions with strong floor support.

That is the guide for those of you who want to set a dream carport design plans in your home. Hopefully, this article can benefit you. If so, please share this guide with your friends.

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