Teak Patio Sets, Teak Protection, Maintenance, and TipsBest Way to Clean Teak Patio Furniture

best way to clean teak patio furniture

Best Way to Clean Teak Patio Furniture

To find the best way to clean teak patio furniture shouldn’t be difficult. The beauty of outdoor patio furniture becomes a great choice for people in the summer. They usually buy this type of furniture to be utilized in the pool.

There are many choices of furniture made from the fine teak materials to make the outside environment more relaxed.

Therefore, you need to understand how to properly care and protect your teak garden furniture.

Easiest Steps to Clean Teak Patio Furniture In No Time

Use a soft dry brush to clean the dust that sticks to the wood surface without leaving a scratch. This dry brush would polish pung debris and dust evenly throughout the furniture. Don’t forget also to get rid of the cobwebs that usually exist at the bottom of the furniture.

best way to clean teak patio furniture

You can use a power washer to get rid of mold. As for the other dirt as black stains, you can try to eliminate it by using a homemade cleaning solution. This could be a mixture of one cup of olive oil and one-quarter cup of vinegar. Apply the solution evenly to the dirt. After that, use a dry, smooth, clean cloth to wipe the remaining liquid and let it dry completely by itself.

Another alternative is to use dish soap with warm water. Place this solution in a large bucket. Then, clean the dirt at the bottom or top of the furniture.

When finished, wipe the wood with a clean dry cloth to keep the wood from getting moist. Mushrooms can also be removed by using a mixture of one gallon of water and bleach. Make sure all the mushrooms removed completely to prevent wood decay.

After that, for complete protection and refinish you can apply natural teak oil. This oil will restore the natural condition of wood such as color and weather resistance. To preserve your teak patio garden do furniture care regularly.

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