Teak Bath and Spa36 Inch Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

36 inch teak shower bench

36 Inch Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

36 inch teak shower bench is the best choice for those of you who need a seat as well as the place to keep things in the bathroom neatly.  Made of teak wood that is very strong and durable, giving you a relaxed, comfortable, and elegant atmosphere.

Larger seating gives you plenty of freedom to move.  Has padded legs will make it have a perfect balance. A sturdy and wide shelf will greatly assist you when organizing the various items you need. Teak can survive from extreme weathering and humidity. So you do not have to worry when storing it in the bathroom or near the pool.

If you are looking for a suitable bench for a sufficiently large steam shower room then you can also consider buying a large bench teak shower. You can use when sitting next to your partner or also as a pleasant lying place.

Usually, this furniture should be assembled first when it first comes after you order it. But after you finish assembling it you will see beautiful and sturdy handwork. There is no wobble at all that makes it fragile. You can safely sit on it without worrying if the bench will collapse.

36 inch teak shower bench

But before you decide to choose this teak shower bench make sure first whether the existing room has a suitable size? If not, maybe you can choose a smaller bench size, like 30 “or 24”.

When your bathroom is completely renovated then you can equip your spa with the teak bench that has a beautiful design. You can keep it near a shower or towel rack that will make it look harmonious. You can clean your body and put your clothes or towel on it.

Don’t forget also the shelf under this bench. This shelf will make it has many functions. In addition to indoors, you can also use this teak bench outdoors with many functions. The most important is teak furniture is water resistant and durable for many years.

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