Teak Protection, Maintenance, and TipsTeak Furniture Outdoor Care: An Easy Guide

teak furniture outdoor care

Teak Furniture Outdoor Care: An Easy Guide

Eventually, summer will come. For some people, this is the time to enjoy the atmosphere in the backyard with friends or family. If you have an idea to buy teak furniture it is the right choice. For those of you who already have it, you may not know how to do teak furniture outdoor care properly. Therefore, this article will give you the right guide to do it.

Although more expensive, high-quality teak patio furniture actually provides many benefits for you in the long run. With durability and strength, this wood can last tens of years if treated properly. So you don’t need to replace the furniture every year and certainly will save you more money.

Yes, now you might have to spend a lot of money to buy a grade teak furniture. I think you would hope you can use it longer than you can imagine. Therefore, you should do a little extra maintenance work on outdoor furniture rather than just placing it all year long.

teak furniture outdoor care


2 Type Of Teak Furniture Outdoor Care You Need To Know

There are basically two protections against external factors that you need to take note of. First is to protect the wood from the sun and second is to make it safe from weather elements.

Protection from sunlight

Although teak is naturally resistant to sunstroke, it will eventually make the color of wood change. Teak gold color can turn into gray and silver. For some people, this change can be the main attraction because it presents another beauty. How about you? Do you still love the golden brown color of natural teak that shines beautifully?.

So one way out to maintain the natural color of teak longer is to prevent direct sunlight from attacking the wood. If your dining table and chairs are placed outside, you can use patio umbrella to protect your furniture sets. The price of this umbrella is actually relatively cheap. You can choose a 9-12 feet wide patio umbrella that will cover your teak patio furniture pieces from damage caused by sunlight.

Defenses against weather elements

Extreme weather such as wind, ice, and rain can also adversely affect your outdoor teak furniture. But don’t worry, the natural defenses of teak can help you solve this problem. Thanks to teak oil that provides natural protection and everything becomes easy. But wait, teak oil content in the wood will decrease from time to time. This means the strength of teak can also decrease further.

But take it easy because some good quality teak oil brands can be purchased easily in stores or from online retailers and will sort things out quickly. Its use is also quite easy, you just apply evenly on your teak furniture, let it for a moment, and then wipe the excess oil sticking on the surface. It will not take long for the teak to shine again. You do not need to use this teak oil often. Using it every 2 to 3 years is enough.

That’s how to take care of teak furniture outdoor with ease. If you have other alternatives I do not know yet, feel free to notify me and other readers in the comments field. Hopefully, this article can be useful to you.

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